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  Meetings: General Meetings are held at the Senior Center within the Newtown Community Center on the   Fairfield Hills campus, at 8 Simpson Street Newtown. Business meetings begin at 6:00 followed by a   program. Programs start at 7:00 p.m. and are open and free to the public.

PROGRAM SPEAKERS and Schedule for 2023 -2024

SEPTEMBER - "Pollinator Perfect Gardens"

Michelle MacKinnon studied landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden. She is a UCONN certified Advanced Master Gardener, and is a member of the Sherman Conservation Commission. Michelle will share pollinator plant lessons from her garden. She will outline five steps for planting a pollinator garden.


OCTOBER - "Shrubs The New Perennials"

Lorraine Ballato is an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and is in the CT Master Gardner Program. Lorraine will explain how we can use shrubs to get color with interesting foliage, flowering and almost zero maintenance.


NOVEMBER - "Pruning Woody Plants in the Landscape"

Felicia Millett is a plant diagnostician at the Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station's Plant Disease Information Office in New Haven. Felicia will cover the objectives you should consider before you begin pruning and the proper techniques, tools, and timing necesssary to achieve your goals.

DECEMBER & JANUARYno general meetings held

FEBRUARY - Workshop : TBD

MARCH - "Wicked and Wonderful Weeds...and What to Do About Them"

Michelle MacKinnon studied landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden and is a UCONN certified Advanced Master Gardener. She is a member of the Sherman Conservation Commission. Michelle will join us again to present a show and tell of common weeds, and the how-tos of organic control methods.


APRIL - "The Fascinating Life of Honey Bees"

Mark Mankin is working with the mayor in New Milford, as an advisor, on the development of an  agricultural/educational campus on the town-owned Sullivan Fdrm. The project works with high school and college-aged students. Part of the oroject is dedicated to beekeeping. Mark will discuss the history of beekeeping, the life cycle of bees, the fascinating intelligence of bees, and how beekeepers utilize the hive and harvest the honey.

MAY - "Birding" Presented by Stephen Martin from  The Audubon Society of Fairfield, CT 

Founded in 1964, our club has set out with these objectives in mind:

  • To promote interest in horticulture.

  • To increase knowledge of artistic use of plant materials.

  • To further the conservation of natural resources.

  • To encourage and assist in civic projects.

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