Founded in 1964, our club has set out with these objectives in mind:

  • To promote interest in horticulture.

  • To increase knowledge of artistic use of plant materials.

  • To further the conservation of natural resources.

  • To encourage and assist in civic projects.

Meetings: Are held September through November, and then February through May on the
second Wednesday of the month. The meetings are located at the Newtown Community Center on the Fairfield Hills Campus at 8 Simpson Street, Newtown. Each meeting begins with a business meeting 6:00 PM

followed by an informative  program beginning at 7:00.

The programs are open to the public at no charge.

Scroll to the bottom to preview Meeting topics.


PROGRAM SPEAKERS 2019-2020    Our meeting dates are as follows:


  • September 11th - Karin LaBanca - common garden injuries, body parts that can be affected and ways to prevent strain while gardening 

  • October 9th -  Kim Eierman -  native plants as alternatives to grass

  • November 13 - Pat McNelis will give a workshop on Ikebana, the art of Japanese Flower Arranging



  • March 12th – Garden Club members Margareta Kotch & Peggy Townsend -give a demonstration on Floral design Classic Tradition meets Creative Contemporary


    *     April 15th - Karla Dalley demonsdration of Creative Container Design

  • May 7th – Robert Herman - will lecture on The Hardy Cranesbills Geranium

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