Founded in 1964, our club has set out with these objectives in mind:

  • To promote interest in horticulture.

  • To increase knowledge of artistic use of plant materials.

  • To further the conservation of natural resources.

  • To encourage and assist in civic projects.

Meetings: General Meetings are held at the Senior Center within the Newtown Community Center on the Fairfield Hills campus, at 8 Simpson Street Newtown. Business meetings begin at 6:00 followed by a program. Programs start at 7:00 p.m. and are open and free to the public.




SEPTEMBER - "Pollinators and the Plants they Love" Holly Kocet

                                  "The Pollinatior Pathway" Mary Wilson

OCTOBER - "Putting the Garden to Bed in Fall" 

                            Michele MacKinnon will present - gentle methods of fall maintenance                                that safegard  pollinators and soil quality.

NOVEMBER - "Wood boring insects, demystified"

                            Mark Kokinchak will explain - why they attack trees, how                                 you might prevent their attack and what if anything can be                               done about it.

DECEMBER & JANUARYno general meetings held

FEBRUARY - To be Announced

MARCH - "The Healing Powers of Herbs"

                    Andrea Candee explores nature's pharmacy, providing a natural                      an effective alternative to antibiotics and over-the-counter                                medications.

APRIL - "Container Garden Design Tips and Trends"

                    Michele MacKinnon will catch us up on new container products, and plant                        options.

MAY - "How To Keep You Fit and Increase Brain Power Through Gardening"

                   Join Sean Fitzpatrick for a movement class to help prepare your body                  for the motions you need for gardening.