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Club Members' Gardens: Through the Seasons



Chris Lincoln single handedly created a waterfall in her backyard. Here is the slideshow she created of  each step throughout the project.




 1. Click on the attachment above.

 2. Then open the file on the bottom left of your       computer.

 3. It might take a minute to upload to your

    computer or you might have to choose the

    arrow to open.

 4. When you see the cover page, click the

     center button on the mouse to move to the

     next slide.

 5. If the file name comes up on the lower

     left but doesn't respond when you click

     on it, try going to the top right and click

     on "download". Once you click on

     download it shows up as a file, you can

     open it and click on the arrow from there.

Waterfall 3.jpg
Waterfall 2_edited.jpg
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