Thanks to Peggy Townsend for ‘planting the seed’!


Subject: Plant America Grant Awards

January 27, 2019


Dear Town & Country Garden Club, CT Members,


Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your garden club has been awarded a $1000 National Garden Clubs PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grant.

The checks will be mailed on January 31 to the contact person named on your application.


Please take photos as your project progresses so we can use them in NGC publicity articles.


Good luck with your project!  


PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grants Committee

Betty Cookendorfer, Chairman

Awards:   2019

 90th Annual /Awards Meeting and Luncheon of the
Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
Town and Country Garden Club Honored


Our club came home with several awards:

Margareta Kotch was awarded the Deanna Moozzochi Creative Design Award for her entry in the February Flower Show titled “April in Paris.











Sandy Motyka received The Federated Garden Clubs Tribute Award for All-Around.

excellence.She was recognized for her exceptionally broad skills and her efforts that have helped to set the foundation for the club as it exists today. She received a certificate and the  gold enameled Tribute Pin.








Judy accepted the pewter bowl for this year's Federation Award of Honor for our club. We were recognized as a club which has maintained a record of exceptional achievement in upholding the aims and purpose of the Federation for a period of five years.











A HUGE  thanks to everyone involved in ANY way that has helped us to  achieve these awards:  your attendance and contributions at monthly meetings; innovative ideas and the writing of the award proposals. We are a small club but what we might lack in size, we more than make up for with talent. We should all be extremely proud of these achievements.


































We also received first place recognition for our online newsletter managed by Josie Schmidt; for our yearbook designed and edited by Barbara McCann; and for our membership brochure, designed and edited by Sandy Motyka and Jane Sharpe. 

Town and Country Garden Club:

Several Club members attended the
annual Connecticut Federated Garden Club Awards Luncheon ~ Oct. 25, 2017

TCGC Was recognized for the caliber and length of service its club members give to the community.  For more than two decades club members have taken part in many activities
that benefit the Town of Newtown.

In addition: 

Ann Astarita: Recieved the Pauline B. Tyler Award for conservation 

Public Relations: 

Barbara McCann: 1st Award for Club Membership Book

Jane Sharp: 1st Award for Club Newsletter.


Members L-R

Ann Astarita, Barbara McCann,

Arline Shanley, Sandy Motyka,

Jane Sharpe, Judy Beers,

Josie Schmidt, Chris Lincoln,

Jan Gardner and Margaret Koch

attended the annual

Connecticut Federated Garden Club

Awards Luncheon

Oct. 25, 2017


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