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         CLUB AWARD
On October 25, 2023, club members attended the the Federated Garden Club's award luncheon where Jane Vouros was awarded a club certificate of Appreciation for her unmatched hospitality and expertise at club meetings and in the community.



Town & Country Garden Club of Newtown picked up the win for Most Original    Scarecrow, with people of all ages falling in love with the sculpture of a woman  

 in a dress and bonnet created of dried grasses and reeds, pinecones and a         splash of dried red leaves and flowers. It was the first win for our garden club.

         CLUB AWARD -TO
Barbara McCann
Barbara received a Club Certificate of Appreciation. The award recognized Barbara for being a tremendous worker, loved by everyone, who consistently takes on jobs that need to be filled.
         CLUB AWARDS
Josie Schmidt received an award for Excellence in Communications for our newsletter.
Our club was also presented with the “Outstanding Garden Club Award” given to a medium-sized clubs, representing five consecutive years of exceptional community service.


Thanks to Peggy Townsend for ‘planting the seed’!


Subject: Plant America Grant Awards

January 27, 2019


 Town & Country Garden Club was awarded a $1000 National Garden Clubs PLANT AMERICA Community Project Grant.

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Josie award 2021_edited.jpg

2019 - 90th Annual /Awards Meeting and Luncheon of the
Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut
Town and Country Garden Club Honored


Our club came home with several awards:

Margareta Kotch was awarded the Deanna Moozzochi Creative Design Award for her entry in the February Flower Show titled “April in Paris.









Sandy Motyka received The Federated Garden Clubs Tribute Award for All-Around.

excellence.She was recognized for her exceptionally broad skills and her efforts that have helped to set the foundation for the club as it exists today. She received a certificate and the  gold enameled Tribute Pin.








Judy accepted the pewter bowl for this year's Federation Award of Honor for our club. We were recognized as a club which has maintained a record of exceptional achievement in upholding the aims and purpose of the Federation for a period of five years.









A HUGE  thanks to everyone involved in ANY way that has helped us to  achieve these awards:  your attendance and contributions at monthly meetings; innovative ideas and the writing of the award proposals. We are a small club but what we might lack in size, we more than make up for with talent. We should all be extremely proud of these achievements.



























We also received first place recognition for our online newsletter managed by Josie Schmidt; for our yearbook designed and edited by Barbara McCann; and for our membership brochure, designed and edited by Sandy Motyka and Jane Sharpe. 

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Sandy award 2019.jpg
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The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut

2016  Annual Awards Meeting.


We should all be very proud! 
Our club garnered many awards
at this year's Awards Luncheon:


  •   Barbara O’Connor was awarded the Mary Freng Memorial Bowl for her “ innumerable contributions to horticultural education and excellence”.

  •   “JOY!” our June flower show, chaired by Judy Beers, was awarded the Mary Loncin Flower Show Award – a pewter bowl for the highest scoring Standard Flower Show in the State.

  •   A Special Certificate given for unusual projects which do not fit under any category was awarded for the branding of the flower show evidenced by the coordination of all print materials to support the theme, accomplished by Jane Sharpe and her committee.

  •   The flower show also received Citations in these three important categories: Schedule, Design, and Public Relations & Communications plus a Certificate of Appreciation for Josie Schmidt’s power point program on indoor air pollutants."

  •   Barbara McCann’s yearbook received a First Place Award and Jane Sharpe’s newsletter a Second Place Award.


      None of these awards would have been possible
     without great team players behind the scenes who
     supported the club leadership with know-how and

  •   The hard-working Awards Committee put together compelling narratives to persuade the powers that be that Barbara O. and our club projects were worthy of commendation.

  •   An energetic and creative Flower Show Committee expressed the joyful theme of the show and ensured the t’s were crossed and the i’s were dotted.   

Mary Freng Sherley Memorial Award 2016
Sandy Motyka, Club President

Barbara O'Connor. 

Jane Sharpe, Communications Award 2016

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