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Friends of Newtown Seniors Project   April 27, 2022

Chris Lincoln, Arline Shanley, Josie Schmidt, Mary Ellen Weiner, Teri Doern, Peggy Fillion, and Denise Rod worked for 3 hours at long time member Joyce Webster's house. They all had their own equipment and started by raking off and weeding the pachysandra patch. Then they moved on to 5 flower beds, where they trimmed and weeded. They even weeded the patch across the stream so you can now walk across the bridge, and along the front of the house. They finished by putting down 15 bags of mulch on the gardens! All that in 3 hours.



On June 4, 2022 our club members held a free Rock Painting activity at the Dickinson Park Inclusive Playground Ribbon Cutting celebration sponsored by The Newtown Lions Club. Their club raised the funds to place three pieces of wheelchair-accessible playground equipment adjacent to the existing Fun Space structures.

 Pictured here are Josie Schmidt, Peggy Fillion, Alexis Capaido and Chris   Linclon. Other helpers that day were Mae  Grant, Nancy Azzarro and Gail   Diminico.

Each year the members create decorations and then decorate a tree.

December 2, 2022

This year the inspiration for the tree was 26 angles ornaments  in memory of the lives lost in the Sandy Hook tragedy 10 years ago.

The tree was set up in the  Newtown Community Center

The tree committee was led by Jane Vouros. The members in the photo from left to right were:  Alexis Capaldo, Emi Lydem Jan Gardner, Peg Fillion, Lina Williams. Jane Vourso, Barbara O'Connor and Barbara McCann.           


Other Committee members were: Betsy Reichert, Denise Rod, , Lilleba Peterson,

Back Row:  Lina Williams, Gail Diminico, Jane Vouros, Denise Rod

 Front Row: Lilleba Peterson and Marianne Muskus

         December 2021 at the Newtown Community Center

Holiday Tree December 2019 at

the Cyrenius Booth Library.

3 tree2019.jpg
3 Library tree 2019.jpg


Santa's helpers from left to right:

Peggy Fillion, Jan Gardner, Maureen Rohmer, Denise Rod, and Jane Vouros

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